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IronWorkz Corporation was founded on December 20, 2022 by Faith N. Spencer, Alex Termini and Emmani Ellis. The name [IronWorkz] was developed from Gary being known for its steel mills, where many families migrated from the South to create a better life for their families. IronWorkz was created for the community and to help bridge the gap on equity issues while embodying what it means to be a Gary resident. IronWorkz will serve as a powerhouse for the city’s residents and connect them with the tools, organizations, and resources they will need to create and innovate in the world of entrepreunership but also to become the best versions of themselves. Be a part of the mission!

Our Impact

This summer [2023] we hosted 6 workshops on who we are, Gary's history and the history of black wealth in America, attacking mindset of what's holding you back while managing mental health, professional versus personal communication, and diving into entrepreneurship in various location around Gary, Indiana. According to our exit surveys, we found that...


have never attended an event on a similar topic to what we've hosted.


want to learn more about the topics that we've hosted.


would attend another IronWorkz event.


Gary, Indiana is:

No upcoming events at the moment

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