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What does IronWorkz do?

IronWorkz is a dynamic business incubator that focuses on bridging the knowledge and resource gaps that exist for entrepreneurial development in underserved communities. Going into the workforce, college, and trade school are all options but so is Entrepreneurship. We are here to empower, enhance, and be a resource throughout your entrepreneurial journey!

A Business Incubator is

An environment in which startup businesses and other entrepreneurs are able to come together and sharpen each other while having access to resources to grow and develop themselves as well as their businesses

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How does IronWorkz do this?

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We believe exposure comes before people believe something is possible. This not only opens their minds but encourages.

We plan to:

  • Lead by example

  • Host:

    • Entrepreneurial Guest Speakers

    • Mindset Conversations

    • 365 Black History Awareness


Boost Equitable Access to Resources

We are going to bring the resources to your backyard, figuratively speaking!


We plan to:​

  • Leverage our network to provide direct access and connections to help your business to go to the next level

  • Host:

    • Financial Literacy Events

    • Diverse Communications

    • Legal & Financial Support Guest Speakers

    • Networking and Resources Fairs

    • Back-to-School Drives


Boost Economic Development

Increasing the likelihood that businesses in underserved communities survive by giving them proper access to resources and aiding them in avoiding compliance issues increases the economic stability of the community. We plan to forge entrepreunerial success.


The city that we spend money in is the city that we are funding.

We plan to:

  • Offer Co-working Space

    • Collaborative environment to be around likeminded individuals 

    • Reduce business office overhead.

      • Fractional Rent Pricing

      • No utilities

      • Amenities such as printing, snacks, and coffee​

  • Offer Event Hosting Space

  • Professional Development Events


Boost Community Engagement

We understand that not everyone wants to own their own business... but everyone should have access to learning the entrepreneurial mindset. 

Come Support. Come Learn. Come Skate. 

Positive ways to spend your free time reduce the time available to get into trouble.

We will have a Roller Rink, there is currently no real sources of family friendly entertainment to go to in their free time in Gary, Indiana.

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